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'In the Seventies and Eighties we all had our fun, and now and then we went really too far.

But, ultimately, it required a certain amount of clear thinking, a lot of hard work and good make-up to be accepted as a freak.' Amid all the bluster, she concedes that the boundaries between the real Grace and Grace the icon can get blurred.

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The truth is that she likes to curl up at home watching television with a bottle of good red wine. I like to have my own little parties at home, especially now because where is there to go? Eighties icon: Grace Jones with Boy George in 1985 'Now I'm going back on tour and it's exciting because I love creating and performing.

'I don't party now, and nobody really knows how to party with me any more. ' Well, we're meeting the night after the James Bond party where Grace made a grand entrance, a scene and then a dramatic exit. 'No it doesn't because there was great music but no daaaance floor,' she purrs. When I'm on stage, that's my party.' She enjoyed the new Bond film but didn't feel any nostalgia for the day she was the star of the cast in A View To A Kill. I don't wait for anyone, darling.' Andy Warhol, for whom Grace was a muse, said she spent all her money on furs. This was a much-treasured vintage Fendi,' she shrugs. I think the male side is a bit stronger in me and I have to tone it down sometimes.

I can't actually see the hair tonight because she is wearing a Peruvian hat, topped with a black pork pie hat given to her by photographer David Bailey.

Sitting alone in the corner of the top floor, her lashes are lowered in demure contemplation.

Infamous night: Grace attacked chat-show host Russell Harty in 1981 'I heard about this, and my great friend [now Bond film producer] Barbara Broccoli, who was in charge of looking after me during filming, and I agreed: "Let's get him first, before he gets me." 'So we went to Props and we got this very big black sex toy and we put white spots on it to make it look diseased.

When I came back on the set and I had to take my robe off, I had it strapped on and I jumped on him. The whole restaurant can hear her rich and infectious hooting. He showed me what he had for me: it was like a six-pronged carrot!

Grace Jones as May Day lifts KGB Klotkoff (Bogdan Kominowski) in the James Bond film A View To A Kill Her festival dates over this summer left fans begging for more, so now she's making headlines again - and not just for the wrong reasons. In my research, I read of Press encounters where Grace ends up snogging the interviewer and howling to the moon after numerous rounds of flaming sambucas.

But tonight she's either following strict instructions to be on her best behaviour, or being truthful when she claims she is now gaining the confidence to show a softer side.

Can this really be the volatile superstar who is said to strike terror into the hearts of men?

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