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It seems important only insofar as his weird description reveals something about him, insofar as it’s a sort of Freudian slip revealing deep-seated attitudes that he had otherwise managed to keep hidden. As somebody who personally ends any list of more than three items with “…

The British press framed Livingstone’s comments as an explosive revelation, an “aha! ” They’re really like…people who describe the 1930s in a really awkward and ill-advised way? It’s a story only if the weird awkward description reveals more important attitudes of Livingstone’s and Labour’s that might actually affect the country in an important way. and whatever”, I may be more inclined than most to believe his claim that no anatomical reference was intended.It sounds like he might be less sympathetic to Israel than some other British people, but I think he describes his preferred oppositional policies toward Israel pretty explicitly.I don’t think knowing that he made a very ill-advised comment about the Haavara agreement should make us believe he is lying about his Israel policies and would actually implement ones that are even more oppositional than he’s letting on. It’s stupid to care that Ken Livingstone describes 1930s Germany in a weird way qua describing 1930s Germany in a weird way; he’s a politician and not a history textbook writer. But if you try to look for him being openly anything, the first quote anyone mentions is the one where he says Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her “wherever”.how to meet muslim women date muslim women: local meeting sites. Back during the primary, Ted Cruz said he was against “New York values”. It takes a lot of word-I-am-apparently-not-allowed-to-say to frame that as a “confirmation”. I understand he is now having to defend himself in front of a parliamentary hearing on anti-Semitism. I think of the medieval burghers who accused Jews of baking matzah with the blood of Christian children. Is there any sense in which his comments reveal that, in his heart of hearts, he really doesn’t like Jews?Except of course the entire media, which seized upon it as a single mass. Fellow British politician Ken Livingstone defended her, and one thing led to another, and somewhere in the process he might have kind of said that Hitler supported Zionism. During the Nazi period in Germany, some Nazis who wanted to get rid of the Jews and some Jews who wanted to get away from the Nazis created the Haavara Agreement, which facilitated German Jewish emigration to Palestine. Does he just say dumb things, or do the dumb things reflect some underlying attitude of his that colors his relationship with Jews in general?

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