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Know What You Want At this age, you know exactly what you want in a partner and therefore you won't be beating around the bush when it comes to finding someone you feel is worth your time.

Even though the dating thought at this age can be frustrating especially for someone who is determined to get the right person to spend the next chapter of life with, you need to have the courage to date with a clear mind to avoid any frustrations.

Even if you have been alone for so long that you are used to it, try opening up to people who are interested in you and see what they can do to you.

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Have Fun You just need to believe in your charm when you go back to the dating world when you are 40 plus.

Do not be afraid to mingle for a chance of finding a suitable partner as well as happiness.

Accept That You Need Someone You must also accept that you need someone if you are looking forward to dating again at 40 and above.

If over the years you have developed the notion that it is better off being single than to be with someone, it is time you changed that.

Love Yourself One of the things to do when you get back in the dating world when you are 40 years and above is to love yourself.

At this age, you are probably over the frustrations that you experienced when you were a teenager or a young adult.

Armed with no shortage of her own post-divorce dating foibles, fumbles, failings, and faux pas, Emas offers the following tips: Meet for coffee, appetizers, a glass of wine—but not dinner.

A dinner date can feel like a three-hour interview …

With a pair of today’s designer jeans, you get a younger look, longer legs, a smaller waist, a feeling of confidence, a grab-and-go outfit that goes just about anywhere. Dating is uncomfortable enough – at least wear something comfortable. 1) a written list of characteristics and qualities you will not put up with in the next guy you chose; and 2) a list of must-haves – the things a guy’s gotta have if he wants to get close to you.

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