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To access the time series spreadsheets related to the measures presented above, please refer to the to the downloads tab at the top of the page.

SAMPLE REDESIGN Survey sample redesigns are undertaken periodically for all ABS business surveys.

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Movements in average weekly earnings can be affected by changes in both the level of earnings per employee and in the composition of the labour force.

Factors which can contribute to compositional change include variations in the proportion of full-time, part-time, casual and junior employees; variations in the occupational distribution within and across industries; and variations in the distribution of employment between industries.

Japanese knives are generally made of harder steel than European knives, so they are more brittle, but they can hold a sharper edge at a finer sharpening angle.

They are also usually beveled only on one side, like a chisel.

For Western style double-beveled knives, he recommended an equal number of strokes on each side.

He did not switch hands, so on the first side he was pushing the knife away from the sharp edge, and on the second side he was pushing the knife toward the sharp edge, so that any feathering that would result from sharpening the first side would be cleaned up when sharpening the second side.

I've been thinking one day of investing in a few Japanese knives, but first I wanted to work on some Japanese knife sharpening techniques and see if I could make the knives I already have sharper.

I visited Manhattan's fantastic Japanese knife shop, Korin, in Tribeca to obtain a two-sided Japanese waterstone, 1000/6000 grit.

Sometimes I can get a blade razor sharp this way--not just metaphorically, but really sharp enough to shave with--but not consistently.

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