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But it's worth noting that the article you pointed to makes it pretty clear that the decision was made by others, not Netflix: "MGM, Warner Bros. I prefer streaming over the mail service - that's why I'm annoyed. I have access to the site, but I can't find the videos, though I know they are there. is an adaptation of a literary work, so the discussions will be centered on the subject of literary adaptations to film.and Universal are pulling their libraries May 1 and moving them to the new Warner Archive Instant." And few (if any) of the movies should "vanish forever." Presumably Netflix will still have them available on DVD. It will be interesting to see what Warner Archive Instant has to offer. If that's not enough to celebrate, it looks like there's already one contributor to Amy's new film, is getting. The world release will be prior to that date, so, I propose that the fifth criterion for elevating a GIMP scene to classic status should be the scenario itself.

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In the early draft, I mentioned it would had been cool if we had seen somewhere (or if they made an extra video), where we see her forever tormented in hell being a martyr despite heavenly beings knows she is innocent. Makes me remember the late 90's early 2000's when hentai artists had their own sites and offered things for free.

But that would the metaphysical bullshit I mentioned lol. About your post dated Sunday, April 7th 2013 - AM. Sadly starting the mid 2000's; some artists closed their sites; offered only things for sale and moved to Pixiv which seems nice and all, but I miss sites that had their own personality.

On some forums there is discussion from the latest Bond film in which there is the mention that the job of a super spy is not as glamourous as past Bond movies and fantasy makes it believe; as it is basically one where you are cannon fodder.

(Too bad there are not much mainstream female spy movies where we can see what happens when things go wrong lol).

Who knows how Rinka's powers worked in the first place, but maybe she was being honest and waiting for the chance to clear her name.

She had no idea it was the law herself the one that was screwing herself up.

They are both seasoned actresses now, Carmen is a filmmaker as well and a regular theater actress in Paris. I hope to have some amazing pictures from the shooting after May 12th. But in a way she was both; a magical girl superheroine based on a girl usually in [email protected] Yikk Yakker. Maybe I was being too analytical; the first draft I gave of the review handed over to Ralphus (to whom I deeply thank and appreciate his help and patience on being my editor and proof reading my review drafts lol) tried to deal with some metaphysical B. on why this is happening to poor little Rinka since she is a noble figure of truth and justice; well lately for some other project I have been doing research on the metaphysical; and eastern religions and philosophies on how karma and reincarnation work, and basically little Rinka should had never gotten herself involved into such line of job.

Sort of saying, one has to stay away from bad people even if trying to be a hero.

I have to add to my last post that I know Hogtied did crucify type poses but not like the one in the photo I posted where she's bound to a traditional built cross.

The problem is that every time something like this happens, some movies that I like vanish. I had to scramble to cap a movie that I am planning to review in the near future. ---------- Today's Pic: Finally...proof positive that size does NOT matter. ---------- Gog: Looks like an artist's rendering of the is a film I finally got around to seeing a few years ago.

I made a composite of three pictures: Carmen, Vero and Amy. But getting back to Fangoria, I don't think anybody has mentioned what an incredible accomplishment it is to be featured in that magazine. So the fact that Amy is now in the current issue is proof that she (and Maleficarum) have finally arrived. And so, I come to the end of my incredibly short post, I leave you with one picture from Jac's Diaries.

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