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Do not know the difference between statistical uncertainty and physical error 7.Think that “±” uncertainty means positive error offset 8.As a monument to the extraordinary incompetence that reigns in the field of consensus climate science, I have made the 29 reviews and my responses for all six submissions available here for public examination (44.6 MB zip file, checked with Norton Antivirus). Think that a root-mean-square error is an energetic perturbation on the model 3.

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The manuscript with its Supporting Information document is available without restriction here (13.4 MB pdf).

Please go ahead and download it, examine it, comment on it, and send it on to whomever you like.

Think that fortuitously cancelling errors remove physical uncertainty 9.

Think that projection anomalies are physically accurate (never demonstrated) 10.

CMIP5 models display an inherent calibration error of ±4 Wm in their simulations of long wave cloud forcing (LWCF).

This is a systematic error that arises from incorrect physical theory.

The uncertainty envelopes are from propagated model LWCF calibration error.

For RCP4.5, the emulation departs from the mean near projection year 2050 because the GHG forcing has become constant.

Think that a “±K” uncertainty bar means the climate model itself is oscillating violently between ice-house and hot-house climate states Item 12 is especially indicative of the general incompetence of consensus climate scientists.

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