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Once some patterns (such as the start tag or end tag) are met, it thinks of the occurrences of these patterns as events and invokes some certain methods overriden by the client.

import *; import org.w3*; import org.apache.xerces.parsers. DOMParser; public class shapes_DOM { static int number Of Circles = 0; // total number of circles seen static int x[] = new int[1000]; // X-coordinates of the centers static int y[] = new int[1000]; // Y-coordinates of the centers static int r[] = new int[1000]; // radius of the circle static String color[] = new String[1000]; // colors of the circles public static void main(String[] args) { try{ // create a DOMParser DOMParser parser=new DOMParser(); parser.parse(args[0]); // get the DOM Document object Document doc=Document(); // get all the circle nodes Node List nodelist = Elements By Tag Name("circle"); number Of Circles = Length(); // retrieve all info about the circles for(int i=0; i import *; import sax.*; import sax.helpers.

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He could immediately assign a grade to a student once the SAX parser reads the grade of this student.

In the above analysis, we assumed that the instructor created no data structure of his own.

What if he creates his own data structure, such as an array of strings to store the SSN and an array of integers to sto re the points ?

In this case, I think SAX is a better choice, before this could save both memory and time as well, yet get the job done. What if what the instructor wants to do is not to print a list, but to save the original document back with the grade of each student updated ?

We just check the tag name and make the boolean variable value true to make the Model class object useful in the characters method.

Now focus on the activity in which we write the code for parsing the XML.And make the XML file in it and paste the code given below.All these methods are useful for parsing the XML in the start Element method.But in reality, none of the main parsers have all these features at the same time.For example, a DOMParser is rich in functionality (because it creates a DOM tree in memory and allows you to access any part of the document repeatedly and allows you to modify the DOM tree), but it is space inefficient when the document is huge, and it takes a little bit long to learn how to work with it.A SAXParser, however, is much more space efficient in case of big input document (because it creates no internal structure).

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