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Those outside the theaters clamored to get in; those inside refused to leave without hearing more of Smith.

Guitarist Danny Barker as saying: "Bessie Smith was a fabulous deal to watch. If you had any church background like people who came from the [U.

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In Britain Columbia (1923-31 Parlophone (1928-31) used laminated pressings until the merger with HMV into EMI in 1931.

Thereafter all EMI records were produced on stock shellac.

Because of limited pressing facilities, even labels such as Decca appeared as laminated pressings.

The superior surfaces of the Australian laminated pressings have thus long been prized by collectors. 1829 newspaper from Bermuda - The Royal Gazette - Bermuda Commercial and General Advertiser and Recorder - Hamilton, Bermuda: Donald Mc Phee Lee (first editor) - No. 2, dated Tuesday, September 15, 1829 - this paper was started in 1828 and is still in production at the present.

This playing surface was shellac rich which meant that the surface noise was reduced massively.

The main users of Laminated Pressings in the US were Columbia (1923-33 and again in the 1940s) and OKeh (1926-33 and again later in the 1940s).But in the context of soundie content of the time, one of the most popular '' of soundies content was fake hillbilly music by the likes of the Korn Kobblers and scores of others.So rather than thinking 'lets have some lazy rural darkies with watermelons' I'm sure the point was to have black entertainers horn in on the generally popular honky-hillbillie imagery in many a soundie.20 documents & artifacts from The Freeman Institute Black History Collection were showcased.More items from the Collection are exhibited behind the walls.Could this have been the first rap song ever recorded?

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