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In this case a Groupplaceholder must be specified in List View.

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When I do that the code fails becuase the controls are not initialized.

I am trying to identify the items that are selected. It fails at " Protected Sub List View1_Item Updating(By V I tried extending your solution to use when I am preselecting the Listitems and I am during something wrong.

In order to specify a item placeholder set a control's ID property to "item Placeholder".

The item placeholder control must also specify runat="server".

List View Web server control enables us to display the data from a data source and if a Data Pager is attached then it enables paging in the List View.

List View is a data bound control similar to Data List and Data Repeater controls but it provides edit, insert, and delete , sort operations on the data that it bounded like a Grid View control.If you want to provide a different ID, you can specify it using the Item Placeholder ID attribute of the List View control.If Grouping is used, Group Template will act as place holder for Item Template.When the Data Key Names property is set, the List View control automatically creates a Data Key object for each item (Grid View Row, List View Data Item) in the control.The Data Key object contains the values of the field or fields that are specified in the Data Key Names property.Unlike Grid View control List View gives the user full control over the rendering of the page.

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