Avira not updating automatically

However I'm looking at getting a complimenting AV what do people suggests plays best with Windows 10 and is close to best in class in terms of threat detection?

https:// Malware Recently tested the premium version but also noted they have a free version which I have not installed.

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Have a look around some of the freebie sites, there is a promo for a 12 month premium licence floating around. First attempt results in an immediate fail with no Internet.

Scan again and it just sits there trying to connect. Depending on your protection requirements, you might want to enable scanning browser add-ons/extensions and go through a "tuning" exercise to exclude the extensions that are valid. Naturally, this means that you know what you're doing. I use Avira (free version), Malwarebytes (free version) and Windows firewall for my anti-virus, malware and firewall software protection.

So upon start and coming out of sleep, it reverts back to stopped again.

for certain packages, at this stage Microsoft Security Essentials and Kaspersky Products, and if your query relates to one of these it would be best served in one of those threads.

That thread also contains basic virus removal instructions.

The link for the thread is in the note at the top of this page.Actually Uncle Wiskas was just a wee lad when they started, that was many many moons ago lol.They have their own engine and were a damn good AV, dumped them for AVP (Kaspersky) when that came out.My desktop PC is fully protected by paid for quality virus and malware software. I feel that action has kept my desktop PC working in top condition.Once a week usually on the weekend I do a full Malwarebytes Scan as well. Merry Christmas fellow members :-) What are people here using for AV/Anti Spyware etc for windows 10 that doesn't have issues with the new system Can some people name a few that's worth using or is windows defender malwarebytes all you need these days My Main PC still has Windows 7, this all in 1 desktop got for my birthday not long ago is a play around machine to test windows 10 on it :) Windows 10 still has a fair bit of work ahead no doubt but its slowly growing on me I share your pain buddy, I'm sticking with windows 7 until support runs dry in 2020. Edit coming up ( funny thing is I was trying to find my post in Windows 10 thread, where I thought we were discussing that posters comment.One license will protect five home computers, which is a very nice aspect of this antivirus software product.

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