Basshunter dating aylar

Aylar arrived in Norway as a two-year-old and was raised by Norwegian foster parents. She was starring in a few porn movies until she decided to take her chance as a model.

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She also stars in the Basshunter video for the songs “Now You’re Gone”, “All I Ever Wanted”,”I Miss You” and “Angel in the Night”.

This bought her the nickname of ‘Basshunter Girl’ Aylar also appeared in the video for the 2007 summer hit single “First Time” created by Sunblock.

Even though she started working as a porn actress, that was just the beginning and Basshunter girlfriend is not ashamed to state that she has been filming in porn movies, because this was the only way for her to become noticed.

Without her acting abilities Basshunter girlfriend has won a beauty pageant because her looks is perfect as most of people have seen already.

This week Malin Nyberg sits too close to the telly and gets sucked into the wacky world of commercial dance artist Jonas Altberg, aka Basshunter. Good question, many Swedes wondered the same thing in 2006 when an unknown dance artist was suddenly being played by Swedish DJs all across the country. The 'hunter is incredibly popular in the UK these days, a point to which we'll return later. Back then, he recorded his songs on his computer and released them onto an unwitting the internet.

Soon everyone had gone Basshunter crazy and his tune 'Boten Anna' became the hit of the year. But success was initially limited on the home front, probably because the lyrics in his Swedish-language songs are all about cyberspace. It seems he really loved the web in general and decided to write songs about the cyber world.

Furthermore, having been born in a Muslim country, her adult film career has made her the target of a lot of criticism and even some death threats.

In 2006 she released a single, a cover of Sabrina’s “Boys (Summertime Love)” hit from 1987.

Aylar Lie, but hey, we were talking about Basshunter here…

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