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For example: You might automatically keep your phone on your desk at work, or grab a smoothie as a go-to "healthy" snack.

But these aren't the wisest choices you could make.

Breaks taken earlier in the day are more likely to replenish resources, including energy, concentration, and motivation.

Recent research, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association and cited by The New York Times, found that people who were active for a total of about an hour a day had half the mortality risk of people who didn't.

And it didn't matter whether they were active in 5-minute increments or in longer chunks.

The best solution appears to be keeping your phone in another room entirely.

Office jobs aren't exactly conducive to getting a lot of physical activity.

For example, bottled juices and fast-casual smoothies might seem nutritious, when in fact they're generally loaded with sugar and calories.

Meanwhile, many people think eating eggs will lead to high cholesterol, but that's not true for most of us.Just make sure you're doing something that you like to do and you choose to do.In other words, making some headway on a work project you're excited about could be even more restorative than browsing social media.If nothing else, it makes practical sense to start with the hardest tasks, since you never know what scheduling conflicts will pop up later on.The siren call of your inbox can be hard to resist. Generally, it's not because they spent time deliberating and somehow arrived at the wrong answer.

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