Bear recurve bows dating

It is dating a girl with too many guy friends a 76er.

One item that sticks out are the vintage BEAR Recurve Bows.

Recently on an out of town trip we stopped by an antique store like we usually do and saw this recurve bow in the corner.

Based on a light embossed marking on this smaller, leather quiver that we rolled out we were able to date it to the late 1940's.

We decided to break this up into 3 different auctions and started all three at $ 9.99.

If your bow shows Gainesville on it then it was made after 1978 8. Below is a yearly production chart for the most popular Bear Bows.

Wood Handle Take-Down 1969-1972 Wood C-Riser Victor Custom 1973-1975 Magnesium Handle Take-Down ABC 1971-1978 Kodiak Static Recurve 1950-1953 Kodiak Recurve 1954-1966 Super Kodiak 1967-1976 Grizzly Static Recurve 1949-1957 Grizzly Recurve 1958-1978 Super Magnum 48 1966-1976 Kodiak Magnum 52 "1961-1977 Kodiak Hunter 58 "and 60" 1967-1977 Tamerlane 1962-1968 Tamerlane HC-30 1965-1967 Tamerlane HC-300 1968-1972 Kodiak Special 1955-1967 Temujin 1968-1970 Tarter 1968-1972 Victor Patriot 1973-1977 Victor 1972 Polar (recurve) 1957-1970 Alaskan (leather grip semi-recurve) 1959-1961 Alaskan (recurve) 1966-1970 Tigercat 1964-1978 Bearcat 1964-1971 Black Bear 1972-1978 Little Bear 1965-1978 With this information you should be able to get really close to dating your Bear Bow if not pin-pointing it to the year.

This date that is printed on all bows made between 19 is simply the date of the Patent for a working recurve limit and has nothing to do with the actual model year. Decals & Silkscreening: In 1948 the small Running Bear decal was first and then was replaced by the large Standing Bear decal in mid-1953.

The large Standing Bear decal also has the words "Glass Powered Bow" under the Standing Bear. All Wood vs Laminate: If your bow is ALL wood (no laminations of any kind) then your bow had to be made before the mass productions beginning in 1949. The Leather Grip: ALL Bear bows had leather grips until 1959.

Since we were already somewhat familiar with how well bows have sold from selling them for a client we naturally gravitated to it.

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