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When connected by Ethernet cable, a lot of data can move quickly and directly between your computer and router (gateway).On the other hand, Wi-Fi radio signals travel through the air and often run into interference from objects or other signals.

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Your Wi-Fi speed depends on several factors, such as the age of your computer or other devices, your devices’ wireless standards, the devices distances from your router, the number of devices connected at once, interference from other electrical equipment/devices, interference from your neighbor’s home network, and objects in the way (i.e. It is very difficult to quantify interference, and the average consumer is unable to do so without special equipment or applications.

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You probably won’t be connecting an Ethernet cable to your smartphone any time soon, but it matters when dealing with desktop PCs, laptops at desks, game consoles, TV-streaming boxes, and other Internet devices.

When possible, Cincinnati Bell always recommends a wired (or Ethernet) connection for optimal speeds and performance.

If two people are surfing the Net at the same time, they would equally share the bandwidth.

However, since different applications utilize different amounts of bandwidth at different times, it is unlikely general surfing is noticed.However, streaming video could slow the connection down.In general, the more simultaneous devices using the Internet require more bandwidth for optimal performance.Upload speeds up to 50x faster than Time Warner/Spectrum. 1 Gbps is a breakthrough service that will dramatically change the way you connect and bring the world into your home. Here are just a few of the exciting features unique to these breathtaking speeds: Take a step toward the future.With 1 Gbps, one day soon you may be able to experience virtual doctor visits, remote access to the classroom, and even live participation in civic events, right from your living room!The Fioptics service is then delivered from the box to the customer’s location over our copper network.

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