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On the one hand, custom layers eat up storage space and delay upgrades, but on the other, they can also add handy features and snazzy design layouts.

Personally, I like the the Nexus 6P quite a lot -- it does everything right and very little wrong.

Since I grip the bottom half of the device to use it, the placement of the Google Imprint fingerprint reader was often a stretch; I sometimes had to shift my grip in order to unlock the phone.

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The Nexus 6P is available for pre-order in the US, UK, Ireland and Japan from Google's online store, and will be ship in October.

Check out pricing for the US, UK, and Australia in this handy chart below: .

Android 6.0's nice-but-not-astounding bag of tricks may not have been as successful as past Nexus' braggable features ( was quite the overhaul), but the 6P's Marshmallow status still nabs you certain advantages, like fewer preloaded apps ("bloatware") and being first in line to receive Google's forthcoming software updates.

"Pure" Nexus phones are also free from vendors' custom take on Android, which can be good, bad or neutral depending on your stance.

Back in April, veteran leaker Evan Blass reported that HTC was building devices that would run Android Nougat, Google's recently released operating system.

He also reported that there would be two models -- a larger phone, equipped with a 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED display with a 2,560x1440-pixel resolution; and a smaller device, featuring a 5-inch full HD display with a 1,920x1080-pixel resolution.

(CNET's rumor roundup contains additional speculation and hearsay.) Though we can't say how the new phones will stack up against Nexus models currently on the market, not to mention the recently released In my mind, there are two things that a Nexus-branded phone is supposed to do, and the Google Nexus 6P does them both very well.

First, it's meant to showcase the very newest Android software. (So does the cheaper, smaller LG-made .) Second, it should package together very capable hardware for a lower sticker price than more familiar brand-name competitors. (See our pricing chart below.) And then the weighty, 5.7-inch Nexus 6P goes further. ) and a crisp, high-resolution display; a spot-on fingerprint reader; a capable 12-megapixel camera; and strong stereo speakers.

The native camera has fewer options and controls than many rivals.

And unlike the Nexus 6 and other Nexus phones, this refresh lacks wireless charging, which would be extra useful backup if you leave your new software for all its goodies: while the new operating system brings a few interesting and somewhat useful tools -- like contextual searching through the Now on Tap feature and battery life boosting that works quietly in the background -- the 6P's real take-home value is less about the wonders of Android 6.0 and more about your total bang for the buck.

You don't actually need Fi to do that, though, you can seamlessly carrier-hop on your own without Google's specialized SIM card, too. I'm not wild about the design, which is completely fine, but a little generic.

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