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A good dating site should be responsive as you will find that most people will be browsing the internet on their mobile devices – i Pads, tablets and phones so the experience on mobile should be first-rate; a slow or awkward to use website will lose you potential members.The site should be easy to use and fast loading, that’s a given these days considering that Google now place emphasis on site speed in their ranking algorithm.More Info & Demo Get Hosting Perfect for all sorts of groups and communities, One Social is one of the most multipurpose and responsive website themes that we have.

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The sleek and modern sliders add to the beauty of your website and using the Word Press customizer you can even add custom widgets.

More Info & Demo Get Hosting Dating Responsive is a really modern and contemporary website theme.

Love Romance comes with a lot of great features including features categories, recently added profiles and an integrated live chat feature as well.

This theme doesn’t beat around the bush and is so efficient that your journey for finding your soul mate starts right away.

With a lot of emphasis on detailing and visuals this theme comes with large graphic elements to attract attention to your website.

More Info & Demo Get Hosting The perfect specimen of a wonderful website theme, Love Hearts has both the look and the feel of one of the best dating websites.This theme talks through the imagery and design and makes your website come to life.With a really subtle colour scheme and a soft header layout, Love Romance makes the most adorable website.A really modern and contemporary website theme, Boss Theme helps you make use of the power of Buddy Press to create a complete dating website.Using this theme you get to take your social media experience to the ultimate next level.The design, photos and visual cues should all support your brand and make your site more memorable than others to keep people coming back to your site as this is a very competitive niche.

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