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Since Mike was younger, he enjoyed picking antiques, but he believed this could not be turned into a full-time career. In his early 20s, he was a professional bike racer and owned two bike stores.

He financed the opening of his stores by selling a vintage motorcycle to a collector.

There have been many interesting characters on the show that Mike and Frank have run into over their many seasons.

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Mike has gone on record stating that the rumors that have circulated about the show not being "100% real" are untrue.

However, there is only one part that is "partially" untrue according to Mike.

The owner's late husband had been a vehicle collector and it was reported by Oregon Live that during this episode, "Wolfe and Fritz come upon some very rare four-cylinder motorcycles, dating back to the 1930s." These motorcycles cost Mike and Frank about $90,000.

The show initially is somewhat of a reality show, and so they need to keep it interesting to keep their viewers coming back.

If you've watched the show you know that Mike and Frank are willing to spend almost a ridiculous sum of money for the things they want.

Season 17 of 'American Pickers' premiered in April 2017, and the first episode showed viewers their most expensive find during a visit to Zane Leek in Oregon.

When he was 6-years-old, he found an old bike in his neighbor's trash.

He decided to fix up the bike, and a boy offered him dollars for it.

He made a list of what he believed would be catchy titles which included, "Vintage Recycle, Flip This Junk" and "Mr.

Picker." Obviously, the name "American Pickers" was chosen.

When Mike and Frank pick a property they would like to check out, the producers call property owners ahead of time.

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