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Nevertheless, this model managed to bag herself a three-pointer in 2008 when she met the basketball legend, and they finally tied the knot in 2013.The couple are still happily married today, and live a pretty chilled lifestyle in Florida with their two kids – will they be future basketball stars, too?She often appears as a guest star on some of televisions biggest hits.

Flockhart met Harrison Ford at the 2002 Golden Globe Awards and the two hit it off.

They would end up getting married in 2010, adding an adopted son to their family a year later.

Sting took a liking to Trudie and the two began to date.

Of course, Sting and Tomelty were divorced soon after the two met.

She married actor Sean Penn in 1985 and though their marriage only lasted four years, it was quite notable.

Although their marriage seemed to be pretty rocky and Madonna alleged abuse, the two have been quite friendly in public in recent years, suggesting that they have put the bad times behind them and remained friends.

Rita got her start on television with a guest appearance on the Brady Bunch in 1972.

Since then she has worked regularly, often appearing in movies with hubby Hanks, and has also earned a number of producer’s credits.

Trudie and Sting met when Trudie joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in England.

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