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Kalash say they are from a place Tsiam although no one knows where that is. In the western side there were Bashgalis or Red Kafirs.

She was taken to a hospital, but she could not survive.

Police handed over the body of the girl to heirs after post mortem and she was buried in a local graveyard.

That area known as Kafiristan was renamed Nuristan. The men have largely traded traditional goat-skin tunics for Shalwar Kameez and Chitrali caps, often with a flower or feather in the brim.

In 1895-6 many Bashgalis fled to Chitral and settled in the Upper Kalash Valleys and in an ironic twist of fate within 50 years they all converted to Islam. The women wear voluminous black or brown dresses reaching to ground, bound at the waist with a sash.

Over thin plaits they wear headpieces decorated with cowrie shells, beads, buttons and coins.

Ceremonial versions can be spectacular with exotic embroidery, mounds of bead necklaces, bells and plumes.

A centre has been opened in Chitral to stop the trend of suicides by curbing violence against women and children.

Local women have been appointed in the centre in order to make it easier for local people to lodge complaints with the said centre.

It was 24th incident of suicide in Chitral during the last seven months.

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