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I like all kind of music, i love to sing and play the guitar at free times, I like pets and nature.I am shy at a first glance but can be very open with people that matters to..Scicluna, long a hero to sex abuse victims and a thorn in the side of church leaders who oppose his tough line against pedophiles, briefed Francis on his interviews last month.

That extra time enabled Scicluna and Bertomeu, an official in the Vatican office that handles abuse cases, to hear from the victims of other sexual predators.

The implication was that the problem that has devastated the Catholic Church's credibility in Chile wasn't just about Barros or Karadima.

Despite this, dating is common and seems to have a different dynamic than dating takes on in many other countries.

Young men in Chile tend to be "mothered" to an extreme degree and when it comes to dating it often takes on a similar relationship.

Karadima was a charismatic preacher who was removed from ministry by the Vatican for sexually abusing minors and sentenced in 2011 to a lifetime of penance and prayer.

Karadima had long been a darling of the Catholic hierarchy, and his victims have accused church leaders of covering up his crimes to protect the church's reputation. Jordi Bertomeu, spent nearly two weeks in Chile and New York earlier this year interviewing Karadima's victims, who for years have denounced Barros' silence and were stunned by Francis' strong defense of him during his January visit to Chile.

Francis blamed a lack of 'true and balanced information' in his missteps in judging Bishop Juan Barros, a protege of Chile's most notorious predator priest.

He strongly defended Barros despite accusations by victims that the Chilean priest witnessed and ignored their abuse.

This often begins late and ends at - am the next day, sometimes with breakfast.

After getting married these young couples (most Chileans marry in their early- to mid-20s) start families rather quickly and often move into their own house (prior to marriage most young people live with their parents).

Many of Chile's bishops, and members of Francis' own sex abuse advisory board, had questioned Barros' suitability to lead a diocese given claims by Karadima's victims that Barros stood by and did nothing while Karadima groped them.

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