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Aceh had the second-smallest percentage (among religions reported in the province) of Christians (1.19%), effectively tying with Gorontalo for the smallest percentage of Catholics (0.07%) and including the third-smallest percentage of Protestants (1.12%).

Aceh operates Sharia law and all regencies are 99% Muslim, with the exception of Aceh Singkil (11.2% Christian) and Southeast Aceh (18.7% Christian).

As a result, there are approximately two dozen illegal churches in the regency, which the government periodically orders to be closed, and from time-to-time they are the subject of arson attacks, from Muslim mobs.

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South Sumatra had the third-smallest percentage (among religions reported in the province) of Christians (1.54%), including the second-smallest percentage of Protestants (0.97%) and eighth-smallest percentage of Catholics (0.57%).

West Sumatra province (population 4.8 million) is another that is 99% Muslim in all areas, with the exception of the Mentawai Islands, whose 75,000 population is 80% Christian.

North Sumatra had the seventh-highest percentage (among religions reported in the province) of Christians (31.01%), including the sixth-highest percentage of Protestants (27.03%), and 3.97% Catholic population.

However, this varies by regency—the Nias islands are 95% Christian of Nias ethnicity, and all of the areas surrounding Lake Toba have large Christian populations of the Batak Toba, Karo and Pakpak ethnic groups.

Apart from this, most other parts of North Sumatra have a significant Christianity percentage (around 20 to 40%), with the exception of Langkat, in the northeast coast, Asahan on the east coast, and the Mandailing regencies in the south which are Muslim majority (below 10%).

Among Indonesian provinces in 2010, South Sumatra reported the eleventh-smallest number of Christians (114,671) or 0.49% of Christians within Indonesia.

Jakarta has around 11% Christian population, of which 2/3 is Protestant and the remainder Catholic.

Christians are distributed all over Jakarta, with the exception of the Thousand Islands, which are nearly 100% Muslim.

Both areas' Christian populations consist of ethnic groups whose homelands lie outside Aceh—in Aceh Singkil, Christians are mostly Pakpak people, whose homeland is to the east of Aceh Singkil, in Pakpak Bharat regency, of North Sumatra, as well as a small population of Nias people, on the Banyak Islands; in Southeast Aceh, the Christian population consists of Karo people, whose homeland lies to the south, in the Karo Regency of North Sumatra.

There are more than 100 churches, serving Southeast Aceh's 20,000 Christians, but the government of Aceh Singkil permits only one church, and four chapels for its 10,000 Christians.

Only Batam (of the Riau islands province), which is 20% Christian, has more than around 5% Christians of the regencies outside Aceh, Riau and North Sumatra.

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