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How many people would you need to have unprotected sex with in order to catch an STI? In this episode we talk about how consent affects our lives outside the bedroom as well as the difficult task of... The Multiamory crew was interviewed about the basics of polyamory and our personal experiences for a radio project.

check those non-negotiable boxes."She suggests holding off on moving to the physical stages of a relationship until after an intellectual connection is established. "Finally, Bianchini said, looking for a long-term relationship is different than dating "recreationally.""You have to make sure that you're actually available to the right person and make sure that you're the right fit," she said.

Even so, Bianchini said it's vital that feelings of love be present, too."We also have to measure our heart," she said. Even if you've found the right person, building a relationship is an ongoing process that requires open communication and constant evaluation."There's skills to learn," she said.

If you want to support our show, the best..."Pinky out! Connecting with a polyamorous community is an important first step on someone’s journey so we’re covering the things that will give you a huge advantage at your first meetup. We will be coming to the following cities April and May.

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This week we had the pleasure of talking to “Disability After Dark” podcast host Andrew Gurza!

Andrew gave us an amazingly funny and candid interview on the 101 of sex and disability and dove into some deeper topics regarding language,...Bianchini spoke with CBC's in Prince George to share some of her advice."A lot of us don't know who we are and we also don't know what we're looking for," Bianchini said."And so we're out there practising on other people's hearts."Bianchini suggested people evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses before getting into a relationship, as well as what they want out of a relationship."We can sometimes pick the wrong person who doesn't connect to us in the way that we want to be connected to, and that really causes a lot of pain."Bianchini said it's important for people to remember that love is a biological function, as well."We actually have chemicals within our bodies that our produced when we fall in love," she said. Christina Bianchini thinks so, and for Valentine's Day the Prince George, B.C.-based counsellor is sharing her advice for singles looking for love."There's a set of skills that are required to be great at relationships and great at finding the right partner," Bianchini said."So [my] talk is all about how we can achieve that."Bianchini provides counselling for singles and couples, and over the years she said she's noticed some patterns people fall into that get in the way of good relationships."I believe if we could make better choices in relationships, we would have better outcomes," she said.Perplexed by this question, the Multiamory crew investigates what truly makes for healthy, stable, and inspiring relationships, inspired by the research and writings of Esther Perel, Simone de... This week we cover the fundamentals of biased thinking, some common ways that it can show up in your relationships, and how you can get around them in order to have happier and healthier connections to your partners and... This is yet another one of our favorite communication tools, and this week we're revisiting it with much more knowledge and experience using it in our daily lives. The Multiamory crew loves talking about gender, so we' were both excited and intimidated by tackling such a broad topic this week.

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