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While you’ll still spot cute chicks in the city (somewhere), the average Danish girl is both undatable and unfuckable.You won’t be wowed by the women and you won’t be changing your travel plans to stay longer.There seems to be a competition on how plain and unattractive they can make themselves.

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), they’re definitely not as svelte as their Icelandic counterparts, who can be a little thick themselves.

You’d think they’d be thinner with all that bicycling they do, but they overcompensate with frequent late-night kebab meals and an all-around fatty diet.

They’re almost always ugly, filthy whores who would have to pay me to have sex with them.

While for the most part this is true in Copenhagen, there were a shocking number of streetwalkers that blew away the Danish women. Later, when I moved into my apartment, a Russian prostitute working in front was usually hotter than all the girls I’d see during a night out. It seems that in Denmark the hottest girl a guy can get is a prostitute, while in the States the prostitutes serve mostly to provide orgasms.

She keeps her arms still while hunching her shoulders over like a wild boar, as if she wants to barrel into something.

Sometimes she tilts her head down to add to the masculine effect.

They walk the streets at night in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro neighborhood, where prostitution laws aren’t enforced.

In Denmark they tend to punish the johns instead of the whores, since the girl is an “unfortunate victim of her environment.” In every country I’ve been to, prostitutes are bottom of the barrel.

Unlike girls in Brazil or Poland, there’s no reason for a Danish girl to date down because the sexual market is heavily skewed in her favor.

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