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Muslims believe that carrying, and then raising, a child is one of the greatest gifts Allah can bestow upon a woman.

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The website includes audio clips that allow you to hear how each is pronounced.

When someone says hello in Gaelic Irish, here are two ways to say hello in reply in Gaelic Irish.

In this context, most contraception methods available today are considered permissible for Muslims to use at their discretion.

However, because Islam teaches that sexual relations should only be practiced between a married man and woman, contraception is not encouraged as a means of preventing pregnancy outside of marriage.

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Although English is spoken throughout Ireland, Gaelic Irish -- simply called Irish in many parts of Ireland -- is a Celtic language dating back hundreds of years.

Moreover, the aqeeqah is also traditionally carried out on a child’s seventh day; this is a celebration that involves slaughtering a sheep and then distributing the meat to family members, neighbors and the poor, according to the BBC.

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Most Muslims do not believe abortion is permissible unless the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or if the life of the mother is in danger, according to the BBC.

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