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Posted 01 January 2005 Concertinas of a new—and revolutionary—‘mass produced’ model, 2 manufactured for C. by Louis Lachenal, started to be sold in, or shortly after, April 1848.

3 The first instruments have numbers in the 1500s series, the earliest example that I know of being number 1563 in my own collection (see Fig. Unfortunately the Wheatstone ‘Red Book’ 4 ledger for the period 6th April 1848–31st December 1850 is missing, so I cannot be more specific about the date, though the highest serial number in the previous ledger 5 is 1495, sold on 14th November 1847, and the last recorded sale is that of 1126, a second-hand instrument, to George Case, 6 on 5th April 1848.

(Members of the Lachenal family have told me that Elizabeth Lachenal had Socialist leanings! There are a couple of very useful entries for early Lachenal Englishes: 26 Lachenal 9641, sold on 28th July 1862 to Eales for £2.2.0; and Lachenal 7728, sold on 4th April 1863 to Bagshaw for £3.3.0.

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Lachenal sold the business to ‘five workmen who’d pooled their resources’ (according to Tommy Williams). 15,222, on 31st August 1878, and it was published in the Trade Marks Journal on 8th January 1879.

34 That the decade is correct is attested by Elizabeth Lachenal’s census returns, for in 1871 she was listed as a ‘Concertina Maker’, 35 whereas in 1881 she described herself as a ‘Retired—Concertina Manufacturer’. The mark consists of a drawing of an individual, double-screwed, English-style free reed.

23 Both are listed: Wheatstone 6372 was supplied to Mrs.

Sidney Pratten (guitarist, concertinist, teacher, friend of Giulio Regondi, and wife of the flautist R.

14 By this time Wheatstone’s serial numbers had reached as high as the 10600s series, 15 though the ledgers are in date-of-sale order, and the numbering is extremely erratic.

Louis Lachenal then set up his own business at 8, Little James Street, 16 Bedford Row, London, W.

Sidney Pratten) on 9th May 1856, though no price was recorded; Wheatstone 8488 was one of a consecutively numbered batch of twelve concertinas (so all of one model) that were sold to Messrs.

Harroden on 13th October 1856 for the wholesale price of £67.4.0 (=£5.12.0 each), while Louis Lachenal’s price lists show that the surviving Lachenal 8488 was only a £3.3.0 model.

29 It is probably no coincidence, then, that the first sale of an ‘Anglo German’ in the Wheatstone ledgers does not occur until 14th July 1863, 30 and though the sales of Anglos are usually recorded without serial number (sometimes not even the name of the purchaser), an entry on 16th December 1864 names one as ‘Anderson’, who bought six Duets for £3.3.0, three Anglos (Nos.

782, 829, and 1470) for £3.12.0, three more Anglos (Nos.

However, by the time we reach the price list published in the Catalogue of the (May) 1862 Exhibition (see Fig.

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