Dating games pool party

Give each one a pool noodle and have them joust with the noodles and try and get each other off the raft. Choose someone to be "it" They close their eyes and try and tag the other players.

Whenever "it" calls out "Marco", the players must answer "Polo".

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Looks like the (normally very good) developers just got lazy on this one !!!!!

The one thing that I would have really liked, would to have been if you could have played out the fantasies with the other girls. Nice game like usual, same ending as usual not as interesting as the last one with Christine... I finished the game in 10 minutes and it looks like there`s only one ending to find this time...

Leilani went naked like an old pro, but Crystal and Kelly in spite of their bashfulness were in their birthday suits in no time.

Erica and Rachel had a good time, and rarely has so much flesh been on show.

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Probably all of them will look familiar to you, because all of them are from previous games.

If "it" tags a player then that player becomes "it".

If you allow players to get out of the pool while playing the game then if "it" calls out "Fish out of water!

Like when you get Crystal on the couch all naked, and she says that she and you could have fun after everyone leaves, you should be able to do that. By the way i didnt read in any walktrough that you can join Leilani and Rachel in the bathroom if you want to see boobs once more... Hope better next time, i`m still hungry ;) All in all, a fun little diversion.

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