Dating high school sweetheart in college

His entire 20s in New York City, an exciting and insanely fun time, he spent hanging out with his girlfriend. Once you reach a certain level of comfort with a significant other, the relationship is just more enjoyable. You’ll meet a lot of terrible people and want to immediately run back to the comfort of the person who “really gets you.” Comfort will keep you in a relationship long past its expiration date, and sooner or later, you’re married, and then after a couple years you have some kids, and before you know it, the robots have risen and you’re dead.And now, what does he have to show for his dedication? Thankfully, he seems to have a healthy attitude and is focusing on looking towards the future rather than dwelling on the past. You think to yourself, “I’ll never be able to reach this level of comfort with some other random lady! Just because it’s comfortable, doesn’t mean it’s what you should do. I want to stress that I’m not some scorned lover who hates relationships.I think about some of the girls I dated in high school (jk I didn’t have a girlfriend, but I made out with some girls in cabs and stuff), and I shudder at the thought of still being with them today. In college, while the rest of my friends and I were making terrible decisions, learning about ourselves, growing as people, sticking our fingers in gross places, Mike stayed loyal to his high school girlfriend.

Given how many older people urge college-aged kids to break up with their high school girlfriend, why do you think there are so many of these relationships that exist? Fear of not being able to find someone who cares about you the way your current significant other does, fear of having to put yourself out there and potentially get rejected by other people, fear of contracting an STD from some new strange. Crocs are comfortable, and NOBODY should wear crocs. I love relationships and I love marriage, and I hope to experience a happy marriage someday.

I don’t regret any of the long-term relationships I’ve had in my life.

So, if every big decision in your life is made by comparing and contrasting, why in god’s name, for the biggest decision of your life, would you marry the first person you’ve ever seriously dated?

I don’t care how into each other you were in high school, nobody is the same person in their 20s or 30s that they were when they were in high school.

Walking up to the podium to accept your diploma, you imagine your life next year – freedom from your parents, beautiful collegiate campuses, joining a sorority.

But it’s not all out with the old and in with the new.I’m gonna say it again, with less aggression this time: hey man, as a friend, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t think it would be a wise move for you to marry your high school sweetheart. They tied the knot last year in one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen outside of the motion pictures. I didn’t even think of them as their own person anymore; they were inseparable. Cut to a year later, and I just found out they’re getting a divorce…. How did this go from a storybook love story into a gorybook shove story? They couldn’t have been less right for each other, but because of their history with one another, they stayed together and got married.This article is directed at dudes, but it applies equally to you ladies. If they went on a first date today, I don’t even think it would lead to a second.Yes, I think hooking up with a bunch of different people is worthwhile, but it’s more about finding out what type of person you like as a lifelong companion. Whatsherface probably never held a job and was financially dependent on Mr.I’m sure there are a bunch of people who are reading this and saying, “this is bullshit, Mr. Whatsherface have been married for sixty years, and they couldn’t be happier! Whatshisface, and she didn’t really have many options if she wanted to leave. And back then, if you weren’t married by 19, you were a leper. Those people learned to coexist and tolerate each other, and I dunno, maybe it was just easier for people to get along in a time before Facebook and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. My grandma still gets teary-eyed when she talks about my grandpa who passed away years ago, so their love for each other was clearly genuine, but I think for OUR generation, dating one person from the time you’re a teenager simply isn’t realistic. Any drunken uncle at a holiday party will tell you the same thing, but as someone who is younger, more hip with the kids, and just saw what a disaster this can be firsthand, I think it’s my duty to pass this along to all of you.But when in a long-distance relationship, being able to trust your boyfriend when he is out by himself or being able to honestly talk about problems that arise becomes exponentially more important.

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