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Eventually, after a few bad falling outs with a couple people, we close ourselves off to the rest of the fish in the sea, believing they are the same. You like the guy, so you want to get pretty for him, so you spend all day, and the spark [ignites]. None of these rash generalizations are true, of course, but a large percentage of us young adults have given up on dating entirely because we really do buy into them.Subtle hints are always there and if the wife chooses not to suspect or confront the situation, it will lead to a crisis.

In the absence of the man, can the woman really "be like the man"? There are women who are capable in finance, Do-It-Yourself fixtures and fittings, even being a capable single parent and bread winner.

In this respect, women will have to be like the man.

They are still the caring provider and nurturer of young infants and children, the comforter for the crying child and the feminine presence of the household.

While the husband's role has diversified into more household chores and the cooking and cleaning up responsibilities, they are still considered the head of the household.

We can see this in the military but in a family, the situation is entirely different.

Matters of finance, of house hold purchases and bringing up children can take a toll on the mental strength of a woman.You see, with each passing generation, the path to interaction with the opposite sex gets quicker and quicker.After the sexual revolution that was the 70's, moving forward all the way to the somewhat promiscuous culture of the 90's and now into the second decade of the new millennium, where sexuality is quite open and not much thought is given to waiting.I'm not saying this was you, but I'll give you an example.My boys and I all used to do the same thing in middle school, even early high school- we'd get on My Space and add all the girls from the nearby school districts. Henson, The Wendy Williams Show There are so many different opinions we have on dating nowadays, but I wouldn't say any of them are very good- everything from "There aren't any true gentleman out there anymore", to "Every girl is just a th*t now" (That word isn't a swear word technically, but it's just an awful phrase we've come up with).

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