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It was important to get away because it felt like we were losing touch with each other in our marriage.The weekdays were no go..While I’d never thought of fucking on a golf course before, last weekend changed all that thanks to a smokin’ hot blonde named Annie.

We had met in an internet chat room and hit it off pretty good as friends.

However the problem was that she lived on the west coast and I lived on the east coast.

It seemed like we did just enough to turn each other on and keep it going but other than our honeymoon..I walked into the house a little after 8, that’s what Jack, my boyfriend had asked me to do. HE always had a spare key to my room so I assumed he would use that to if he needed.

The living room light was on and I walked in..Andrea waited at the gate.

Do: Give me a warning Hot and Ready: You’re a real go-getter.

Slow and Steady: You’re titillating and great at keeping secrets. With a Little Teeth: You playfully bite your man’s member and nibble away like a rabbit on a carrot.

It had been weeks since she had seen her lover and she was not handling it well.

She felt like her pussy was on fire constantly, a deep burning fire from being so horny, the bed post looked sexy late at night.

Date/able is a podcast that opens up a candid conversation about modern dating.

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