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These highly trained and well-educated individuals have a passion for education, technology, multiculturalism, and, of course, books.The staff makes a point to provide personalized service.

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If you have a question, a knowledgeable staff member can direct you to the reading or resources you require.

All it takes is a library card to open yourself up to a world of knowledge and opportunity.

“Even though it’s a fairly large library, it still has that personal feel,” Katherine said, “because the staff gets to know visitors by name.” The Newport Beach Public Library staff feels honored to be part of the love story of local couples (like the two lovebirds who met while studying), and they work hard to foster opportunities for residents to gather in study rooms, at educational events, and in other public spaces.

For book lovers, there’s nothing more romantic than discovering someone who loves the same authors, genres, and titles they do.

“We have pretty much every generation.” The library is a multi-faceted public institution, and people use its resources in different ways.

Some bring their own laptops, while others prefer to use the free wifi and desktop computers.

This is a remarkable opportunity to give back and meet diverse individuals in the community.

Sunday Musicales bring a lot of people to the Central Library on Avocado Avenue.

The staff at the Newport Beach Public Library is as diverse as the people they serve.

From 20-year-old interns to senior librarians, people of all ages and experience levels work together to provide a public service to the community.

“We have seen tremendous support in the community,” said Katherine, “and that’s been key to our success.” The Newport Beach Public Library hosts dozens of public events throughout the year.

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