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The “Quantum Mind”, as Greg & Alvin put it, is a state of mind that is conducive for the Law of Attraction and the “Universal forces” to work in your favor.

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But I’ve known Greg for some time now; I know the kinds of products he comes up with and his track record with me thus far has been pretty good.

So I dismissed his claims as one of his unique marketing strategies (Greg’s known to be quite dramatic in his pitches), gave him benefit of the doubt, and checked out Quantum Success Secrets.

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The key here is patience, as you’ll need the discipline of mind to follow through his teachings and achieve for yourself Quantum Success in your life.

I don’t do a whole lot of reviews for self help products, but when I stumbled upon Quantum Success Secrets, I found the claims to be so fantastically absurd that I had to see the product for myself.

When I heard about Greg & Alvin’s latest offering - Quantum Success Secrets - and their claims of how one could apply quantum physics concepts to improve their lives, I thought they were finally out of their minds.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t see the link between quantum physics and how I could, say, bump up my income threefold.

The manual makes the readers understand that, like everything around them, each individual is a force in the universe...

which is technically true if you apply the quantum physics principle that everything is in fact energy... Then in the chapters that follow, they teach the principles of Quantum Success, which they brand as a “lifestyle choice”.

While I suspect that Greg may have been taking “artistic license” with certain quantum physics theories to sensationalize his latest offering to a degree, I have to say that everything taught within the pages of Quantum Success Secrets is considerably solid.

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