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And, the across-element is spelled using only letters appearing in the down-element: A fife is a small flute that is often used in military and marching bands.

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As an aside, I’d appreciate it if any reader could contact me or leave if a comment if a broken link is encountered on this web site. The OXO line of kitchen utensils is designed to be ergonomically superior to the average kitchen too.

In theory, I rejected this prosperity Gospel, but my frustration with God displayed otherwise. But when we open our eyes to the grand story happening all around us, we see the astounding beauty that leaves us speechless. Not an obligatory love, but a love that delights in who you are.

I don’t know why some women find husbands and others remain single.

“Prince Hal” is a term used for Prince Henry, the son of the title character in Shakespeare’s plays “Henry IV, Part 1” and “Henry IV, Part 2”.

Prince Hal then becomes king in Shakespeare’s “Henry V”. Today’s Theme: Letter Recycling Themed answers come in pairs that cross each other in the grid.Each element of the pair is related in terms of meaning, as noted in the paired clues.There have been some notable things sold on e Bay over the years.For example: “Mushing” is the use of one or more dogs to pull a sled.“Mush” is thought to come from the French “marche” meaning “go, run”. The aorta originates in the heart and extends down into the abdomen. In Ancient Greece an odeon (also “odeum”) was like a small theater, with “odeon” literally meaning a “building for musical competition”.

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