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When her mother remarried in 1929, she moved to Chicago and later took the name Davis from her stepfather.As Nancy Davis, she was a Hollywood actress in the 1940s and 1950s, starring in films such as The Next Voice You Hear..., Night into Morning, and Donovan's Brain.Reagan also became stepmother to Maureen Reagan (1941–2001) and Michael Reagan (born 1945), her husband's children from his first marriage to Jane Wyman.

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She generally had a strong influence on her husband and played a role in a few of his personnel and diplomatic decisions.

After Ronald Reagan left the White House in 1989, the couple retired to their home in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California.

The Crippler featured a sinister figure spreading over playgrounds and farms, laughing over its victims, until finally dispelled by the volunteer. She played a child psychiatrist in the film noir Shadow on the Wall (1950) with Ann Sothern and Zachary Scott; her performance was called "beautiful and convincing" by New York Times critic A. Influential reviewer Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote that "Nancy Davis [is] delightful as [a] gentle, plain, and understanding wife." She soon starred in the science fiction film Donovan's Brain (1953); Crowther said that Davis, playing the role of a possessed scientist's "sadly baffled wife," "walked through it all in stark confusion" in an "utterly silly" film.

In her next-to-last movie, Hellcats of the Navy (1957), she played nurse Lieutenant Helen Blair, and appeared in a film for the only time with her husband, playing what one critic called "a housewife who came along for the ride." In addition, Davis downplayed her Hollywood goals: promotional material from MGM in 1949 said that her "greatest ambition" was to have a "successful happy marriage"; decades later, in 1975, she would say, "I was never really a career woman but [became one] only because I hadn't found the man I wanted to marry.

Nancy Reagan was First Lady of California during her husband's two terms as governor.

She disliked living in the state capital of Sacramento, which lacked the excitement, social life, and mild climate to which she was accustomed in Los Angeles.

Early in his first term, she was criticized largely due to her decision to replace the White House china, which had been paid for by private donations.

Following years of lax formality, she decided to restore a Kennedyesque glamour to the White House, and her interest in high-end fashion garnered much attention as well as criticism.

She arranged a meeting among feuding campaign managers John Sears and Michael Deaver, and her husband, which resulted in Deaver leaving the campaign and Sears being given full control.

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