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And she just likes to sleep with everyone she wants to although she was supposed to be in a relationship the whole time. I met here through 2 mutual “pharmacist” friends, and she has an ungodly ability to consume benzos and painkillers, often intentionally mixing with alcohol.

Pathological malicious liar with a previous criminal wrap sheet, banking on strongarming her way into your home, then near impossible to get ride of.

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I assure you this girl will takeover and ruin your life.

She spends literally 23 hours a day neurotically obessessing on her own overwditied photos to post on IG.

Go back to Jamica THE DIRTY ARMY: Well here she is. Lolz Elvia your hella stupid this Swinger had sex with him and shes proud of it ask her.

Yea shes ugly but he doesnt care as long as shes a floozy. Felix is well aquainted with the group on Sls believe me. Shes one nasty floozy to , talks like trailor trash and probably smells like it to.

Well once again you were told so go stick your head in the sand again and ignore it until you have puss pockets all over your vagina. THE DIRTY ARMY: This trash has been posted on her before.

Then she tells me she has no heart or soul, although been telling me she loves me for months and all about being a godly woman lol all lies. Not right to lead on someone that actually cares about you just to f**k them over. THE DIRTY ARMY: After an absolutely horrendous 3 months, I feel it’s my duty to warn this circle of a dangerous new fish in our pond.Violent outbursts mixed with nearly every known personality disorder. then will accuse, lie, use, gaslight, provoke, and attempt to instigate a loud verbal / physical situation and will claim outrageous slanderous things in effort to blackmail you and even lie to police and play the victim card in efforts to put out fire with gasoline when she feels her leverage slipping.I’ve never been so enraged by a person and their disgusting classless behavior.He has recently been seen at the mosque moching the free food.Don’t kid yourself this guy has a lot of mental issues. He was caught trying to solicit a refugee who didn’t know better but had stayed at his place in exchange for sex. Jesse aka Abdul is a disgrace to the muslim community, He use to be a drug addict and stayed at my house once, he went through withdrawals and shit all over my toilet and didnt clean it as his excuse was he couldn’t find any cleaner, he also borrowed my underwear as his was soiled.I won’t mention names but let’s just say they still have something in common. He dumped and sent away his last 40 years old Asian who turned into girlfriend when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, only to find another one of his slore into a new girlfriend.

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