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From her blog: “The concept of .” Well no, actually. If we’re going to compare alcoholism to cancer, for example (which I think is ludicrous) then we can talk about the person with cancer having a CHOICE to seek treatment or not, just as the person with alcoholism has the choice to seek help, or not.

You see, calling this disease a disease is not the problem.

My mom had taken the kids to her house in our minivan, so I had her car. It has a fancy radio that brings in all kinds of stations. She said he totally changed and she honestly hadn’t seen signs of alcoholism before she married him. Because I’m an alcoholic in recovery, I didn’t turn the channel when I heard Dr. But my stomach dropped in response to her reaction. She used the line about a person with cancer not being able to quit having cancer.

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Laura and the wise, educated and experienced Hazelden staff.) You would think by now someone with a Dr. Instead she is using her platform to perpetuate the stigma around alcoholism, keeping people shamed and stuck in their addiction. We all need help to make the right choices in all of our diseases. I just wanted to stop by and say I really appreciated your post. Sure, a lot of people make stupid choices and need a kick in the butt, however, like you say, there are often compounding factors involved.

Unfortunately, too many vulnerable people listen to her show for this to be okay. I would not be sober without a night over three years ago in which I made a terrifying choice. We need to realize that choices don’t make diseases go away. But we CAN make the choice to get help and then work on our disease for always. My father essentially drank himself to death at 44.

Managing difficult personalities and social interactions can be tough.

Regardless of race, no one enjoys it when the person who is supposedly in their corner doesn't back them up.

But, my disease began within me long before the day I met the opportunity that grace provided me to quit. ::::: If you struggle with alcoholism, I want you to know that there are genes that you share with me. We need the humble support of others and we need to change the station when we realize we’re listening to self-righteous and arrogant misinformation. My children never met their grandfather and that hurts my heart.

Just as my alcoholism was not of my creating, my quitting was not of my creating. It runs in families, in much the same way that studies have shown that diabetes and certain kinds of cancer run in families. I do believe it is empowering to understand that one has a disease or addiction (or propensity toward behavior) and certain choices will activate the genetic pre-disposition.

I did not witness any drinking at all in my family. I was the good Christian girl who led a squeaky clean life until I started drinking and then spiraled quickly out of control. I shut it off and numbed out and ran and ran and ran. And the first thing Ryan said to me when I spoke my full truth was, “It’s not your fault.” The voice of God through my husband. But if they do we will be there for them, detaching with love, and rooting for them in their journey to find serenity. Not so easy as people paint, it’s a daily fight and prayer and on your knees, divinely finding the strength for the next second, minute, hour. As I read your words, Heather, I couldn’t help thinking they are the same words I have said about depression. And I will fight for truth for as long as I live, because the shame of being depressed and thinking it was my fault kept me from getting the help I needed for over a year. Proud because sobriety really is magical and it is people like you who help me see it more clearly. This is so very well written, Heather, as is just about everything you write. I got so angry my husband had to lean over and change the station. The AMA categorized alcoholism as a disease, and that is what it is.

But, like you said, we can choose to not let these diseases destroy us, to seek the help/treatment we need, and fight for a cure and a better life every day. Fortunately, there are people like you correcting judgmental mistruths and spreading truth. At least alcoholics have the choice to get into recovery and get better; bitchy judgers like Dr. (-: speaking of learning about what a disease is…diabetes isn’t a disease either.

I have yet to meet a fellow alcoholic who says, “Oh well. I have a disease, so I’ll just keep drinking.” What I forgive themselves and therefore move forward in recovery, rather than blaming themselves and staying stuck.

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