Dual optic accommodating lens

It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, a scientific law that was discovered by British scientist Michael Faraday and American scientist Joseph Henry in 1831.The principle states that when an electric conductor, such as a copper wire, is moved through a magnetic field, electric current will flow through the conductor.The next 1/4 turn brings the loop back to position A, and the cycle starts over again.

dual optic accommodating lens-83

The mechanical energy of the moving wire is converted into the electric energy.

Faraday and Henry also found that when you move a magnet in a coil of wire, electric current is generated.

But, before we can begin to build the edifice of this new production system, we must first lay a foundation with the basics of power generation.

Single Large 120V Circuit Enables Operation of Bigger Lights, or More Lights Simplifies Electrical Distribution Cushions the Impact of Large HMI & Tungsten Heads Compatible w/ Standard Distribution Equipment Line-Loss Compensation Reliable Operation of the Arri 1800W Baby Max Brings Honda EU6500/EU7000 into Compliance w/ OSHA Regs Enables use of Film Style GFCIs Harmonic Mitigation An electric generator is a device or machine that is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

A generator produces an Electromotive Force (emf) by changing the number of Magnetic Flux Lines (Lines of Force), passing through a Wire Coil.

In the rudimentary electrical generator illustrated above and below, when the Coil is rotated between the Poles of the Magnet by cranking the handle, an AC Voltage Waveform is produced.

With this knowledge we will be able to also parallel two Honda EU6500 or EU7000 generators for an unprecedented 100A or 120A output from putt-putts.

To deliver this power safely under hazardous conditions, this knowledge will enable us to develop reliable ground fault protection systems using film style GFCIs, like the Shock Stops, that are specifically designed for motion picture applications.

Harmonic noise of this magnitude can also damage HD digital cinema production equipment, create ground loops, and possibly create radio frequency (RF) interference.

Why is harmonic distortion suddenly an issue in motion picture electrical distribution systems?

Both legs are again cutting a maximum number of lines of force, but in the direction opposite to that of position B.

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