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Add in a totally un-Christmassy feel and you're left with a complete clunker of an episode.

As before the episodes range from the good to the terrible.

This would be fine if the dating worked given that factor, but what explanation is there for having Mary Ellen pregnant in The Seashore (dated by Earl Hamner's narration to "late spring 1940") but then post childbirth in The First Casualty ("the fall of 1939")?

Featuring: Carol-Ann Williams (Ben's Girlfriend), Robyn Pohle (Anson's Girlfriend), Llynn Storer (Worker), Hatsuo Uda (Waiter), Walker Edmiston (Farmer).

A love of music brings Jason together with a timid recluse whose only companion is a canary.

The episode ultimately makes the point that, while the Civil War freed one set of people from slavery, it was the ruin of others. Written by Kathleen Hite Directed by Harry Harris Music by Alexander Courage Broadcast September 22, 1977, CBS (UK: May 21, 1979, BBC2) Joe Conley (Ike Godsey).

The Hawk Episode # 6.01 (121) Written by Andy White Directed by Tony Brand Music by Alexander Courage Broadcast September 15, 1977, CBS (UK: May 14, 1979, BBC2) Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey). Guest Starring: Todd Bridges (Josh), Lynn Hamilton (Verdie Foster), Ketty Lester (Mrs.

And, while on the subject matter of the The Children's Carol, haven't we had enough stories about orphans and runaways (see also The Stray and The Flight this season, not to mention at least nine stories across the previous seasons)?

One of the best episodes here is The First Casualty as the community suffers its first "war" victim as G. Haines (a previous boyfriend of Mary Ellen, but now seeing Erin) is killed during a training accident.

Starring: Lynn Carlin (Sarah Bridges), Robert Donner (Yancy Tucker), Rachel Longaker (Aimee Godsey) and Tom Bower (Curt Willard). Thomas), John Crawford (Sheriff Bridges) and Tom Bower (Curt Willard).

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