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Instructions on how an Administrator can download the ISO for your release can be found here: How do I download the MATLAB . and earlier: Windows: If you have downloaded the installation files, make sure there is a corresponding file for each product (ex: MATLAB78for MATLAB).

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The installer is the very first file in the list of files on the manual download page. Download and extract the first file, which contains the installer itself.

Then, download the other files, and place them inside the extracted installer folder. Please note that the installer archives are files and not folders.

In rare occasions, this issue can occur if there is not enough free space on the primary hard drive.

If the drive is full, try emptying some space and relaunch the installer.

you try to install prior to the download of these additional product installation files, your install may be missing products or display a 'unable to locate required installation files' error message.

To resolve this issue, an Administrator should run the installer from an internet-connected machine, and choose the appropriate GUI option to download the installation files.

you are installing MATLAB R2007b or below, make sure you have the most up to date installation key for that release of MATLAB.

If you require a new key, contact Customer Service.

If you are installing online (R2008a and higher) through your Math Works account, and you are installing through the DVD or if you have the correct downloads, there could be an issue with the products that are associated with the license.

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