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Many women have found their first grey hairs in their teen years and into their twenties. Penelope describes it this way: “The hair shaft – whether it has color or not – is made of keratin, and it’s actually dead.

When it turns grey it’s because we no longer have any melanocytes, which are color producing cells, injecting color into the melanin of the hair shaft.” As we age, we produce fewer and fewer melanocytes, resulting in more and more grey hair.

Penelope says, “Blonds are much more fortunate in a way, because they don’t have to transition from dark through different colors till they eventually reach grey.” Unfortunately, our heads are not the only locations that grey hairs invade upon.

Many women wrestle with what to do about greying eyebrows. There are many eyebrow gel products on the market for different shades of hair.

Among a head of dark hair, a single grey invader can stand out and draw attention to itself.

As grey hairs continue to grow, they may appear as a bit of a shock.

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Scientists have also found that the older we get, the more hydrogen peroxide our bodies naturally produce.

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