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As for how the French came by this new term, it was likely invented by joining the common form of the verb ‘piquer’ (meaning “to pick” or “peck”) with ‘nique,’ possibly either a Germanic term meaning “worthless thing” or merely a nonsense rhyming syllable coined to fit the first half of this new palate-pleaser.

The first documented appearance of the term outside the French language occurred in 1748, but picnic was rarely used in English prior to 1800 or thereabouts.

Those who run with their emotions instead of using their heads end up doing the racists’ work for them by making themselves appear to be too foolish to crack open a dictionary, and this caricature is not something that should be fostered if racism is to be defeated: Many Black people are too quick to believe negative rumors; therefore, I refuse to contribute to national ignorance.

These type of hoaxes only serve to make Black people look stupid and by no means is an advancement in education.

The fact that this etymology is spurious hasn’t deterred some from being offended by it, as noted in this excerpt from a 2000 National Post article: Meanwhile, things are not peachy on the campus of SUNY/Albany.

The university wanted to honour baseball legend Jackie Robinson by having a picnic.

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