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She was also dancing to Hot and Cold by I confess that I find Lizzie Velasquez insanely sexy.

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Martin Acevedo was thrown from a 19-foot bass-fishing-type boat in Lake Hartwell in Anderson County, SC in a storm Sunday.

The body of the Clemson alum and bluegrass musician was not found until Wednesday, according to the coroner.

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Smirking, I turned around and saw that there was an en-suite shower block for whoever was using the building. Katy grabbed hold of a gun metal grey chair and unfolded it; standing it in the middle of the room, she sat down and smiled as I grabbed a blue one. Depending on who you ask in my group of friends I'm either an idiot or a moron. I can tell you that because my shirt is now off and my pants are undone and my boxers are down too.

The Astoria was a popular music venue, many musical bands played here so I suppose that made sense. I unfolded my chair and sat a couple of feet away from her, but I was pleasantly surprised when she pulled hers a little closer to mine. Sure, I could have been another person in her memory she'd soon forget but still I was going to hang out with Katy Perry! My seven inch erection was pointing upwards and begging for attention.

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The union representing thousands of Las Vegas casino workers says the city's two largest resort operators would lose more than million a day combined if housekeepers, cooks and others go on strike.

The Philadelphia 76ers are investigating whether team president Bryan Colangelo used a variety of Twitter accounts to anonymously trash some of his own players and fellow executives and defend himself against criticism from fans and the sports media.

I find every single aspect of her body unbearably sexy.

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