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G PRODUCT LIST PC Tools— 9 Central Point Software 15220 NW Greenbrier Pkwy., Ste.

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Cupertino, CA 95014 (408) 253-9600 DOS 5.0'S UTILITIES What makes DOS 5.0 such a remarkable upgrade is its arsenal of new features, including MIRROR, UNDELETE, and UNFORMAT— utilities formerly available only from third parties that are now com- mands under DOS.

With those three pro- grams, DOS can now be both the hero and the villain.

The four printers we cover this month offer versatility; high quality; and, of course, tre- mendous convenience.

The five portable communica- tion devices examined this month really let you unleash the power of your portable, whether you're uploading and download- ing files, sending electronic mail, checking news and weather with your online service, or sending and receiving faxes. MIKE HUDNALL 18 COMPUTE JUNE 1992 BROTHER INTERNATIONAL 200 Conontall Ln.

Bffi.6Z : Neu Ledf landscdpiiig 3S78 ll/S/92 i BB.n m.m ? Fine Uiater 'iai BW6 11/I6« 745.3Z Sjieedy Printing S69Z m/WS. 1-800-356-5590 MULTIMEDIA L O P E D i A C5rolicr Electronic Putliskn^, Inc., Sl Knniu, Tnpfc., Dinlmiy CT 06S16 D 203-797-3500 The New GROLIER E N C Y c Circle Ito Miiir Service Number 133 fm T.^J f '.■;f ;? ^Backup, Undelete, and a special control-menu program launcher. l OQEBUG can load a sector into memory, allow you to edit that memory, and then write it back to disk. "Disk Monitor will prevent a virus from writing to some parts of a disk, but it doesn't actively scan for infection. Though it's advertised as a file and disk repair program, I strong- ly advise against its use.

you explore broad topics, then quickly narrow your search to specific topics. It's been selected Product of the Year by the Optical Publishing Association. For more information on the New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, call toll-free today. All for about the same as most corded mice, complete with money-back satisfaction guarantee. 437 Circle Reader Service Number 244 UTILITIES COMPARISON CHART (continued) Feature DOS 5.0 Norton PC Tools Calculator Change hardware settings Clipboard Communications Database Fax support Macros Notepad Outliner System information Text locater Control Center System Information Text Search in PC Desktop in PC Desktop in PC Desktop" in PC Desktop in PC Desktop in PC Desktop in PC Desktop in PC Desktop System Information Shefl only 'The Norton Utilities does come with icons for some programs. ^FORMAT automatically saves unformat information on every disk reformatted.

In fact, no computer service offers the number and qualit)' of choices that Compu Serve does.

Now, for just .95 a month, and a one- time membership fee, you get all the basics as often as you like: news, sports, weather, shop- ping, a complete encyclopedia, and much more, plus up to 60 E-mail messages a month.

If you don't want the bulk of PC Tools and don't need CP Backup or the productivity util- ities of PC Desktop, then The Norton Utilities is a slimmer choice.

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