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I smelled this when it first came out and it did nothing for me.But recently, I happened onto a small edp and the smell well...It’s wild and uninhibited, yet comforting and reassuring.

This perfume is the winner of award Fi Fi Award Hall Of Fame 2007.

Isn't it funny how our tastes change as we get older?

It’s as beautiful as ever and the sillage and longevity are top notch as I remembered. I get absolutely NO gourmand, only very intense patchouli/amoniac. I certainly admire how terribly ballsy Angel is, and the legend that it's earned for itself.

Although I have read about it’s reformulation, i m glad to see that it’s iconic traits are still there, unique and potent as I have it in my memories. By the batch code my bottle seems to be from December 2017 ( 50 ml Edp) and much to my happiness to me it smells the same as years ago. ❤️ I've kept smelling Angel from the bottle and oh my I could not get myself to spray it on me to try it. But last night I tried it, I knew it was the type of perfume like Chanel n5 who choose who it'll wear or who will wear it.... Even though Angel and I don't get along, I still respect its legacy. However, I don't know how else to describe it - Angel has a hell of a personality, and that personality and I do not get along. The feeling is strange with this one and I fail to express myself.

And honestly, for the longest time, I resisted trying Angel, specifically because people often call it a gourmand, and one article even calls it "the grandmother of all gourmands." I can't do sweet scents, hardly ever.

It almost immediately becomes cloying and suffocating to me.

But I adore Alien, so when I finally had a chance to sample Angel, I did. I love that the vanilla is warm and thick without being sugary.

And while I don't know what tonka smells like (still a perfume novice), the citrus and fruity notes keep it from smelling like a giant cupcake.

Innocent Illusion and I will keep our sweet summers together and maybe, just maybe some day, I may step out to try one of your flankers...

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