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You can recognize the second-generation Acute-Matte D screens by the two small D-shaped notches in the bottom right or left corner (barely visible in bottom right corner of the screen in the photo above).Many photographers with 500C/Ms replaced their older dimmer screens with Acute Mattes when they came out, so you'll find many 500C/Ms with them. I believe the 500C/M is the minimum model you should buy used. Some are in good shape, but others need CLAs (clean-lube-adjusts).I will report you to ebay if I discover such a violation taking place. I also reserve the right to file claim for civil penalties.

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In making the tools that enable us to live up to the Hasselblad brand proposition, “Create To Inspire”.

by Karen Nakamura The Hasselblad 500 series is a very successful line of single-lens reflex medium format cameras made by the Hasselbald Corporation of Sweden, using German-made Carl Zeiss lenses with built-in leaf shutters.

They can share (for the most part) lenses, film backs, and some prism finders.

The other series in the Hasselblad are the 'X' series (X-Pan; X-Pan II) which are panoramic 35mm cameras; and the new H series (H1) which are 6x4.5 medium format and digital-ready cameras.

Since the beginning, Hasselblad cameras were born from a love for photography and the desire of a man to give photographers the technical excellence needed to realise their creative vision. Since 1941, Hasselblad has committed itself to one primary task – to produce the finest camera equipment around.

For over seventy years, we have succeeded in doing just that.

After the 500 C/M, there were other models in the 500 line, most with relatively minor revisions and some features removed for cost-cutting purposes.

The 503CX with TTL OTF (through-the-lens off the film) metering was a god-send for some wedding photographers who shoot PJ (photo-journalist) style using wide, tele or other non-standard lenses; but it's not that critical (non-TTL auto-flash works well enough for most of us).

The Gliding Mirror System in the 503CW and 501CM is a Semi-Big Thing (TM) in that it prevents focusing screen vignetting in long focal length lenses.

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