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They have this grass-is-always-greener mentality, and it’s a dangerous pattern to fall into.This is the Rolls Royce of Services – Your own personal Wingman for 4 weeks!If you’re a straight woman, don’t compose a profile that would appeal to your girlfriends. Avoid sounding too domestic and gushingly romantic, and edit out any hint of negativity like ‘Most guys are dogs’ or ‘Sick of liars!

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Even if you don’t want to move, you may meet someone who would be willing to relocate just to be with you. ” —Kathryn Lord, author of “To get a decent number of responses, you must post a picture.

When I was on in 1998, I did a search within 500 miles of where I was living. Would you want to meet up with someone not having any clue what they look like?

This is especially useful at the beginning of your communications, when you’re still trying to remember which username goes with which real name.

And make sure you review your date’s profile before emailing, phoning or meeting face-to-face.” —Alyssa Wodtke, co-author of “Too often, singles get caught in that downward spiral of having a couple of bad dates in a row and then bringing that bad attitude onto the next date with them.

This will help you ‘grow’ success to anything coming off your computer. Light them once in awhile to bring the energy in.” —Ann Billow, author of “Professional online daters are people who are so caught up in the thrill of online dating that they never get serious with anyone.

They might go on a few dates with someone, or even get into a relationship, but at the first sign of trouble, they bolt back online to search for someone better.

This will help you learn to stand out from the crowd and offer something different.

Ask yourself what sets you apart from the others, then highlight that.” —Ron Geraci, online dating consultant “People can usually tell within the first five minutes if they are interested in someone, so why prolong the agony if you’re not?

It not only saves you time but keeps your date’s expectations about what you look like at reasonable levels as well.” —Patti Feinstein, founder, bad pictures there are out there.

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