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The theory was, the country would save itself by surrendering to American demands, including nuclear disarmament, for relief from economic sanctions and diplomatic isolation.In the meantime, few believed the hermit kingdom could develop advanced missiles to carry nuclear weapons to the American mainland.After the fall of the Soviet Union, Americans expected that North Korea would collapse as well.

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In the American view, the coming meeting is the result of sanctions and pressure, so surely Mr.

Kim is prepared to discuss the degree of his nuclear surrender.

”This confusion appears to extend beyond differing interpretations of terminology, setting up both sides for nasty surprises when they meet.

The North Koreans seem to believe that their nuclear breakthroughs forced Mr.

If both leaders are setting themselves up to fall short of the lofty expectations on which each has staked his reputation and ego, Mr.

Wellerstein tweeted, “what happens when this (inevitably) becomes clear?

American statements, which appear written to fend off critics who say Mr. Kim will surrender his nuclear arsenal, which virtually no expert believes the country would do.

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