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- ethanmeinster SO FUNNY I LOVE THIS LIST - City Guru Hehehe I know morse code - Lunala You know more people online than in person Never seen a more obvious number one in my life. Yep, this is me, I have more friends online than in real life. - Merilille When I was 5, I was obsessed with The Junior Dictionary & Thesaurus. I would totally want to levitate all Phoebe Halliwell style out of bed by using the Force but it didn't work out. By the way I took some college lessons on microbiology when I was in second grade and am in the #1 USA education program known as the "STATE OF Texas GIFTED AND TALENTED PROGRAM" which we know as Expo as in EXpotential POtential. As for Star Wars, much as I like it I don't celebrate may the 4th - Therandom My birthday is on May 4 You never get out of the house next to me, my computer is my best friend x D - rock2metal Roses are red (sometimes)Violets are blue I love my phone And it loves me too.

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She has to go to the comic book store Wednesday before dinner because that is release day and you just have to deal with it.

And then she has to do a little dance when she leaves the store with her purchase. If you ask her to clarify a plot point, prepare for a loooong answer.

I like PE but my friends don't even try to participate really. - lovefrombadlands You remember your favourite song in binary code or by its run time When I was six, I remembered a lot of songs by their run time. And I thought no one did this, but apparently, it is a thing. - Anime Drawer I love words, what's wrong with this? No, I'm not some 10 yr old : D You celebrate geeky holidays like pi Day (March 14), Star Wars Day (May 4th), etc.

go to the workout room; you would rather stay behind and read That's not just nerds; it's sensible people. - Jake09 I'm the nerdiest in my group of friends and yet I'm also the sportiest considering I can keep up with all the jocks in my class who are total dummies. Sometimes I do this because I want to learn interesting, new words that might be funny and comical.

They come most in handy when dealing with large numbers such as the speed of light or Planck time, other than that any nerd could just use their brains. Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Maze Runner, The 100, and Harry Potter. My favorite book series is Percy Jackson, which got me obsessed with mythology( which I did love before I read the books but I got more obsessed) and that lead to astronomy and word orgins and a lot of other things - lbelle0527 Books are life!

I read Harry Potter, Doawk, and a load of books about science for fun.

- lovefrombadlands You know where to buy Alienware.

I do know where to by Alienware, whats the big deal guys! - Piano Queen No, people call me Lia because that’s who I am. - Piano Queen Your vocabulary is astonishingly infinite in value and size I can actually produce dictionary-quality definitions of any word I know in under a second. - Wolftail This one is hilarious - lolingdog9000 I hate that actually.

Finding someone that shares the same nerdy things as you? The hardest decision in playing two single-person shooter games or playing a co-op game."Star Wars and chill later?

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