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Agreed, this is a big challenge, because we are so strongly tied to performing and either succeeding or failing.If that paradigm was eliminated, and you could keep everyone in the game playing fully, a new outcome emerges.

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Yes,this is an elimination game, but allows players many chances to challenge the current King of the Hill and stay in the game. This produces some interesting stories and will take care of many of the problems of hesitation and playwriting by preoccupying players with a second focus – that of counting their words.

I think the goal of Story, Story should be to see if you can keep everyone in the game, flowing with the emerging story without ever being in their head.

Place four chairs on stage to represent four seats in a car. The hitchhiker has a very strong characteristic, such as enormous sneezes, extremely old age, annoyed business person, etc. One of the passengers will say “look, hitchhiker” and they will pull over to pick the hitchhiker up. The hitchhiker enters the front passenger seat and the other students rotate around clockwise.

Four students start in the car and they are going somewhere.

Some players thrive on this competition and will sharpen their skill by trying to be a winner.

Not winning can be seen as a failure and that is part of it too.

A conductor points at actors standing in a line who tell a story to the audience one word, or interrupted narrative.

The story emerges and the conductor works to keep the players off-balance by pointing randomly and quickly to different players.

We practice spontaneity, pacing and flow with a game I call Build-a-Story King of the Hill.

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