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As a Scientist, Mani is responsible for research in biology and molecular biology focused on our compounds and their mechanism of action.Mani is an experienced investigator with 10 years of cutting edge research focused on phospholipids and their cell biology related to autoimmune and other diseases.

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Prior joining Machavert, he has worked over 10 years at the Department of Medicine at National Jewish Health in Denver and published several scientific papers. Jason is a Senior Scientist leading our biology and molecular biology research programs related to cancer and immunology.

Mani graduated from Madurai Kamaraj University and obtained his Ph. Jason has 10 years of experience with cutting edge cancer research and is now applying this knowledge to drug discovery and pharmacology.

We are creating novel drug substances that will take advantage of the unique properties of nature inspired lipids and combine the target areas indicated in the diagram: the anticancer, immune enhancing, and tumor selective drug delivery.

Our approach takes advantage of the function of lipids in biological systems.

Our primary goal is to improve the length and the quality of life of patients suffering from life threatening diseases such as pancreatic cancer.

Machavert currently focuses on preclinical research and development to build a robust portfolio of drug candidates for clinical trials.

Jakub has also worked and was closely involved with our partner company Areko as a director and advisor to the executive team. Neal Goodwin acts as our Chief Science Officer responsible for all research and development programs. in Microbiology from The University of Montana and served a postdoctoral fellowship in functional genomics at The Jackson Laboratory with John Schimenti (now at Cornell).

Neal recently served as Vice President, Corporate Research Development for Champions Oncology (NASDAQ: CSBR) where his responsibilities included development of a patient derived tumorgraft pharmacology portfolio for personalized oncology and translational oncology solutions. Greg focuses on discovery of new phospholipids and other small molecules and their modifications to create prospect candidates for drug development.

Once considered as passive structural components of membranes, it is now widely recognized that in addition to controlling stability and permeability, lipids (particularly phospholipids) can influence metabolism and a wide variety of cellular signaling pathways.

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