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It is clear that there is a need to protect one’s children from the distractions and corrosive elements of the net.

Limitations to Internet access, the use of filtering software and pre-filtered Internet providers, placement of computers in highly visible areas of one’s home are all good ideas.

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Ultimately, restricting Internet access is a necessary but insufficient solution.

But what is needed is healing the personality weaknesses that virtually guarantee some individuals will fall victim to Internet temptations.

There are even special sites for those seeking extramarital affairs and other, more bizarre liaisons.

Recent surveys identify a burgeoning trend of Internet-related divorces.

A whole genre of studies describes the damage Internet involvement can wreak on academic performance.

Although many parents help their children get online in order to bolster grades, research reveals that more time spent online translates into less time spent reading books and worse study skills.Thousands of sites offer 24/7 online gambling, and researchers say upwards of 15 million people visit these sites annually and leave several billion dollars of their family’s funds there.Researchers also report that escorts and prostitutes in most major cities can now be reserved online.Like most public libraries in the United States, the Central Phoenix Library provides adults and children with Internet access.When Toni Garvey, the chief librarian, recently spotted three separate men and a group of giggling girls viewing pornographic material on the library’s terminals, she had no idea how to respond.The Internet cultivates impulsive jumping from web page to web page, but real learning requires still concentration.

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